• sum balance list
  • economical evaluation
  • simple balance sheet
  • profit and loss statements with drill down until accounts and your entries
  • posting journal
  • print every account
  • search function for accounts and titles over all booking years

iPad and iPhone

as work tool:

  • double entry offline bookkeeping
  • account and contra account with document number and document date
  • immediate saving of all entries
  • evaluations clearly presented on the screen
  • ready to print
  • email export of all evaluations
  • lokal backup via iTunes file-sharing
  • password protection, data encryption
  • any time and anywhere

flexible plan of accounts:

  • basic accounting plans
  • own account titles,
  • easy creating of new businesses,
  • automatic VAT bookings
  • accounting plans easy expandable
  • example accounting with 50 entries
  • multiple years and multiple accountings together on your iPad or iPhone
Accounting on your iPad or iPhone