You may want to see all accounts of the accounting chart or only those accounts you used before; this makes it easy to select your preferred account when you post business transactions.

While selecting accounts for debiting or crediting, you can call the whole accounting chart to add accounts or modify account titles or VAT%.

First step is to select the account by tapping the corresponding row. The most used accounts are marked green.

The iPad shows you the amounts, which have been received (Debit) or spent (Credit), easy to identify in black or (-) red Color.

You see the opening Values, the monthly Debits (moDeb) and Credits as well as the amounts kumulated over all months until yet (kumDeb and kumCred) and - as you started with the openings Values - the right column shows the Balance per date, corresponding to your cash or bank balance.

Switching the accounting months 01-12 you see all balances and movements per each month.


Proper and timely closing is required to ensure compliance with the basic principles of proper accounting.

Closing a booking month can't be reversed. Booking, deleting or modifying in a closed booking month is no more possible.

You can close a booking month in 'Settings'.

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