Is it possible to modify posting records ?

Yes, after booking by tapping on the booking line you can edit or delete the posting. This is no more possible, if a booking month is manually closed. You can do this in 'Settings'.

Is closing a booking month neccessary ?

Proper and timely closing is required to ensure compliance with the basic principles of proper accounting.  Booking, deleting or modifying in a closed booking month is no more possible. Nevertheless you can use a reverse posting, which can be automatically generated and visualized. Closing a booking month can't be reversed.

Handling business years that deviates from the calendar year ?

No, the financial year is aligned with the calendar year.

What happens, when your iPad is turned off ?

Nothing, all completed records have been saved immediatly. The programm does not run in background.

Is any internet connection neccessary while using the bookkeeping ?

No, all data are saved to your iPad, no modules have to be loaded and no data are transferred.

How are backup made ?

Backups are made via iTunes; file-sharing is not allowed for security reasons.

What happens, when I forget my password ?

There is no master-password and if you don't remember it, you have no access to your data.

Can I sync between 2 iPads ?

No. But you can transfer bookkeepings by restoring them from a backup via iTunes.

How many accountancy accounts can be created ?

Although it is theoretically possible to create as much as you want, the amount is limited in practice, however, for reasons of simplicity and clarity to about 200 accounts. While booking, you can switch between 'all accounts' and 'only used accounts' to prevent booking same business transactions on different accounts.

Note: you can't create accounts in account categories 5, 6 oder 7 and all accounts must have 5 digits including 1 preceding zero.

Are there automatic VAT accounts ?

It is possible to define a VAT percentage to each VAT-allowed account. This will be entered automaticly, when using this account as contra account. In this case the amount before VAT will be calculated to the contra account and the the corresponding amount of VAT will be booked on the special VAT account.

Note: Any account title, such as ' turnover 23% VAT' does not have any influence on the VAT handling of this account.

How many VAT tax rates are possible ?


How many posting records are possible ?

200-300 postings per month is no problem and corresponds yearly to a memory usage as of some fotos taken with your iPad.

Is it possible to handle so-called split postings ?


Is it possible to handle so-called  receivable accounting ?

No, customer accounts and vendor accounts are handled as normal accounts. There are 2 x 99 accounts possible.

Is it possible to modify the cost and earnings structure ?

No, but you can modify to which cost-group accounts are belonging.

Are the evaluations 'balance sheet' and 'income statement'  in accordance with international accounting rules ?

No, this is not ambition of bookkeeping on a tablet. The program allows bookkeeping from a business point of view and is generating the basics, from which members of the tax consultant professions are able to establish balances and tax declarations. Surely you can't generate a consolidated balance sheet or bookkeeping, it is not the intention of this accounting software.

Which format is used when generating files ?

All files are *.txt files.


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